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Service #1

Secondary research is a good starting place.

Your problem may have previously been solved by someone else.

Secondary research is an analysis of previously published reports, databases, articles, customer comments, government information, and other sources.

Secondary research uses:

  • Understand competitor positioning
  • Measure ad spending
  • Identify consumer brand preference
  • Compare reimbursement levels to market maximum

Service #2

Primary research gets the specific info you need.

Secondary research can have information gaps. Qualitative or quantitative surveys are used to ask your target market about your problem.

Primary research uses:

  • In-depth interviews of a small sample or focus group interviews can check your hypotheses
  • Mystery shopping gives you insights of your customer service and your competitors’.
  • Quantitative surveys with larger samples are best when statistical validity and reliability are important.

Service #3

Customer loyalty is measured by one question.

Customer loyalty research can have a high ROI because loyalty correlates with revenue and profit. We use the Net Promoter Score to help clients increase loyalty.

Loyalty research uses:

  • Identify your most loyal customers and find out why they are loyal.
  • Customers with lower loyalty may become loyal – if you make changes.
  • Loyalty of your employees and competitors’ customers are also important.


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