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We’re Health Marketing

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Guessing what your customers want can be a crapshoot.
That’s the reason we use marketing research to retain and add customers. 


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How We’re Different

We know research.
We use a range of qualitative and quantitative tools. The problem you want to solve determines the tool that we use. Research ROI always plays a major role.

We know health care.
All we do is health care research. We worked for health care providers and other health care organizations before starting Heath Centric. Health care is our passion.

We know marketing, sales, and operations.
Their differences are legendary. We understand the needs of all three tribes.

Client Projects

Take a look at a few of our client projects below.

How can a hospital get on top of a negative publicity situation?


What’s the easiest way to accurately forecast revenue?


How can you quickly measure market demand for medical equipment?   


How can you ensure a successful new pricing strategy?


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