MARKET RESEARCH   Companies with superior information about their environment enjoy a competitive advantage. 

To reach revenue and share objectives, it is critical to understand customer preferences, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and the factors supporting a realistic sales forecast. 

We offer customized market research services including:

Secondary research evaluation
-- locating and analyzing data that has been collected by a third party

Qualitative research -- small sample studies and focus groups that are used to test concepts and assess assumptions

Quantitative research -- studies that have the statistical validity and reliability needed to project to an entire market

PATH (Profiles of Attitudes Toward Healthcare) -- consumer psychographic studies that identify and build relationships with consumers measurable health values and behaviors (see for details)

Market research was used to help these clients:

• A clinical research staffing company needed to measure financial demand for its services by market segment.  They also wanted to know their current level of awareness, how to improve brand awareness, and how to exploit competitors' weaknesses.  A comprehensive study of pharmas, CROs, and biotechs answered these and other questions.

A medical device company in the clinical research market wanted to learn how best to introduce its new product.  A qualitative research study of large pharmas showed, unfortunately, that the demand for the current product design would be low.  The company went back to drawing board to enhance its design and conduct additional clinical studies to prove product value

A client that sells web-based training software to hospitals was not sure which of its offerings would have the highest demand.  The company needed to build a realistic demand forecast by product line.  A quantitative research study of the hospital market projected how much would spent by product line.  The sales force was given a realistic, achievable quota by product and by territory, and the client set a new revenue record.